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Family Law

A Focused, Dependable Approach to Family Law Problems

Whether you have been through a previous divorce or are entering uncharted waters, you can benefit from our approach to family law matters. Far from a high-volume divorce "mill," we work closely with our clients from the initial consultation forward, offering valuable counsel and guidance.

One of the most common missteps leading to regret over a divorce is approaching divorce as a bad experience to get through as quickly as possible. We make efficiency and timely resolution of disputes a priority, often recommending mediation or another alternatives to litigation — but we also know from decades of experience that planning for life after divorce is equally important. The mediation process is for individuals who wish to work together to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of issues arising from separation and divorce.

If you and your spouse wish to resolve disputes arising from your separation through mediation, the attorneys at Becker, Kellogg & Berry are experienced in guiding people through the mediation process. Contact us to discuss your situation. If you wish to pursue mediation, we encourage both you and your spouse to download and complete our Financial Disclosure Form in preparation for the initial mediation session.

Child Custody — Support Issues — All Financial Concerns

Led by partners Larry E. Becker and Lynn E. Berry, our Springfield, Virginia, law firm maintains a domestic relations legal team to help you focus on your future. We will help you set realistic expectations and make sound, informed decisions on all major issues, including:

We can also recognize marital fraud and help locate hidden assets if your spouse is concealing them during your divorce.

The dedicated attorneys and staff are immersed in the life and culture of Northern Virginia. As a result, we counsel and represent many military veterans and their spouses, as well as current and retired government employees. If government retirement benefits, a military pension or other complex assets are an important aspect of your case, we can help secure the best possible outcome for you.

Marital Agreements — Adoption — Other Legal Challenges

Beyond our thorough knowledge of Virginia divorce, we are prepared to assist you with adoption, developing a prenuptial or other marital agreement, or sensitive issues including allegations of domestic violence. To learn more about our respected firm's services in other areas, please visit our companion web site.

Contact us to speak with a lawyer who will work for your family relationships, your financial resources and your goals for the future. To help make your initial consultation as productive as possible, we also encourage you to download and complete our Client Information Form.