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Divorce in Hard Economic Times

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Lawyers Who Understand Your Economic Situation

In Virginia, spouses are generally required to live separately for a certain period — often six months or a year — before they may divorce. During these difficult economic times, spouses may not be able to sell their homes due to plummeting property values, and they may simply not be able to afford to live in separate residences.

In these situations, the attorneys at Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., can advise you on divorce in hard economic times and provide guidance on how to secure a divorce when you must still live in the same residence.

Tips for Living Separately in the Same Home

If you aim to meet Virginia's waiting requirement for a divorce by living separately and apart in the same house, you should be able to explain the reasons that you cannot live separately, such as economic conditions or lack of available housing.

As you live separately in the same residence, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Establish separate spaces: If you have more than one entrance, use separate entrances. Sleep in separate bedrooms and take responsibility for cleaning your own space.
  • Do not eat together: Each spouse should purchase food separately and should not share meals with the other spouse.
  • Separate your finances: Establish separate checking accounts. In addition to buying food separately, do not buy each other household necessities or clothing.
  • Stop wearing your wedding ring: Stop romantic or sexual intimacy, do not buy each other gifts, and do not take part in social activities such as movies or parties with each other.
  • Tell others: Let your family members, friends and others close to you know that you are separated, but living in the same residence.

To help you show that you are living separate lives under the same roof, consider having a third party come to your house periodically to observe that you and your spouse have separate living spaces.

Guidance From Fairfax Lawyers on Living Separate and Apart

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