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Fairfax High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

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Protecting Your Property and Financial Future

The end of any marriage can involve complicated, emotional disputes over property. In high-asset divorces, the issues are heightened. High incomes, stocks, real estate investments, ownership interests in businesses and significant retirement accounts all add to the complexity and stakes of a divorce.

Whether you are a spouse with significant assets or the spouse who helped build those assets, the Fairfax high net worth divorce attorneys at Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., can provide you with experienced guidance through a high-asset divorce. Our law firm has experience providing confidential counsel throughout Northern Virginia.

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Our law firm will help you with the following complicated aspects of high net worth divorce:

  • Separating marital assets: In a divorce, the spouses' marital property is subject to a fair and equitable division, while the spouses' separate property is not. Our law firm can ensure that the complex process of separating marital property from separate property is accurate.
  • Valuation of business assets: If you or your spouse owns a business, securing a proper valuation of the business is critical for creating an accurate financial picture that ensures that you receive your fair share of marital assets.
  • Prenuptial agreements: We will help you challenge or enforce the terms of a prenuptial agreement.
  • Child support: Families with high incomes may be affected differently by child support obligations. Our lawyers can explain how you may be affected by child support obligations and can help you negotiate appropriate support.
  • Spousal support: Whether you expect to pay or receive spousal support, our legal team can help you negotiate support that is beneficial for your financial position.

Clients with significant assets may believe litigation is the only way to resolve the issues of property division and support. In reality, however, high net worth divorces are frequently resolved through negotiation and mediation or through the collaborative law process. Our lawyers are trained mediators who are experienced at guiding high net worth clients through this process.

The partners who focus on our law firm's family law practice have a deep knowledge in pensions, real estate, taxation and estate planning — areas that are critical for ensuring that high net worth divorces are resolved favorably and fairly. When appropriate, we will bring in highly qualified business financial experts, accountants and business appraisers to help ensure a fair asset division.

For an in-depth initial consultation, contact us online or call 703-962-1829 (toll free 866-494-2620).

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