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Experienced Lawyers Protecting Your Property

In a high net worth divorce, the main objective is to protect the significant assets that you have accrued or helped your spouse accrue. Without experienced legal counsel, divorcing spouses with high incomes or assets may not achieve the most beneficial property settlement, and they may place their future financial security in jeopardy.

The family law practice at Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., is led by the Fairfax asset protection attorneys with more than three decades of experience each guiding clients in Northern Virginia through successful divorces. The lawyers at our firm have experience with pensions, real estate, taxation, estate planning and other facets of the law that directly affect your assets in a high net worth divorce.

Springfield Divorce Property Division Attorneys

If you have assets such as interests in businesses, real estate, inheritances, military pensions, significant retirement investments or other investments, our law firm will help you protect those assets during divorce. Our representation may include:

  • Establishing marital property and separate property: Not all assets are subject to division in divorce. Property that you acquired before the divorce and some property and assets acquired after marriage are considered separate property. Sometimes marital and separate property may be intertwined. Our law firm can draw on its decades of experience to protect you by ensuring that your property is properly categorized.
  • Establishing appropriate valuations: Few people know the exact worth of their businesses, investments and property right now or have accurate estimates of what their property may be worth in the future. When appropriate, we will work with financial and business valuation experts, forensic accountants, qualified appraisers and others to ensure that your property is valued correctly.
  • Planning for tax consequences: A high net worth divorce may involve the sale or transfer of significant assets. These sales and transfers can have both immediate and long-term implications on your tax liabilities. Our lawyers have the experience in taxation, estate planning and real estate to help you structure your divorce agreement in a way that helps reduce your tax burden.

We will work with you to prevent a protracted court dispute over your assets by settling your high net worth divorce through more cost-effective mediation, negotiation, or collaborative law process. If your divorce requires litigation, however, you can rely on us to strongly advocate for you.

To schedule an in-depth, initial consultation, contact us online or call 703-962-1829 (toll free 866-494-2620).

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