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Proven Results From Mediation Attorneys

The fact that you and your spouse cannot currently agree on issues critical to settling your divorce does not have to mean you are in for a lengthy, emotionally and financially draining court case. For many couples, mediation is a way to resolve difficult divorce and family law disputes without an expensive court battle.

The Fairfax mediation attorneys at Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., emphasize mediation as a viable, cost-effective way to resolve divorce disputes, including disagreements over child custody, support and property settlements.

Resolving Disputes With Mediation

Mediation involves an independent person with a background in family law helping you and your spouse reach a settlement that is mutually satisfactory. The mediator works to help parties key in on obstacles in negotiations and develop methods to overcome them. The mediator cannot force you to accept a settlement and, unlike arbitration, cannot issue a decision in your case.

While a trial or court hearing is generally held in a courtroom open to members of the public, a mediation session is private and normally occurs in a private office.

Mediation often begins with a joint meeting of the parties and the mediator. Then, the parties separate and the mediator works with each party to understand the case and options for settlement. The mediator will likely meet numerous times with each party until a settlement occurs or until it becomes clear that a settlement simply cannot be reached.

Springfield Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Successful divorce mediation requires that both parties have confidence in the qualifications of the mediator, and few Northern Virginia mediators have perspective or credibility surpassing that of our partner attorneys. Our lawyers have reached out-of-court resolutions for thousands of clients during more than three decades in practice. We have acted as mediators in property division, support and custody matters.

Should you and your spouse reach a decision through mediation, you can rely on our firm to draft an appropriate, legally enforceable written document that incorporates the decisions reached by you and your spouse.

If you are interested in mediation or another alternative method of dispute resolution, contact us online or call 703-962-1829 (toll free 866-494-2620) to set up an initial meeting. We can discuss whether this method or another alternative to litigation, such as collaborative law, can work for you.

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