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Property Settlements

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Virginia Attorneys for Equitable Property Settlements

Separation and divorce present major emotional challenges that can make dealing with critical financial concerns overwhelming. For families with children, their well-being may overshadow other considerations. You will need a proven, focused attorney to help you reach a property settlement that protects your best interests and supports your goal on continuing to provide for your children.

Regrets after divorce often center on any failure to rigorously pursue the right to certain financial assets. At Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., based in Springfield, Virginia, we believe in thoroughly evaluating all property and other aspects of each client's situation. Please contact us for protection of your rights as you pursue a comprehensive property settlement by the most efficient means possible.

Business and Tax Knowledge to Guide Your Key Decisions

We use our knowledge to deal effectively with all aspects of divorce. Our financially savvy lawyers can help you anticipate future needs and the various tax implications of various legal options regarding division of:

  • Real estate and other valuable property — including guidance and representation on any buyouts or other complex transactions
  • Military and other government pensions, retirement benefits and other critical, high-value investments
  • Life insurance policies, business interests, mutual funds, stock options, deferred compensation and other complex assets
  • Negative equity assets and debt division

It is important to recognize that Virginia law requires equitable distribution of all marital property and debts. Our attorneys' knowledge of real estate and tax law often proves a tremendous asset for divorcing couples who owe more on real estate than that property is worth today, for example. Mr. Becker and Ms. Berry both have extensive legal experience in real estate law and can help you identify and understand options that may be available to you in resolving these debt issues.

Resourceful, Experienced Lawyers

Our clients benefit from our experienced financial and tax counsel, and we have access to many qualified financial planners, business valuation experts and others who can help you make informed decisions and achieve a favorable settlement.

If you need caring, full-service assistance to develop a separation agreement or protect your rights in a divorce, please contact our firm and request an in-depth consultation. We encourage property settlement through mediation and negotiations, but are always prepared to litigate aggressively on your behalf if necessary.

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