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Fairfax Tax Issues and Divorce Lawyers

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Experienced Guidance for Tax Consequences of Divorce

Divorce involves dividing the assets of a marriage in two and may also create ongoing financial obligations in the form of child support or spousal support. These divisions and obligations also come with specific tax consequences. Experienced counsel is critical to managing these consequences.

By taking into account potential tax consequences from the earliest stages of a divorce proceeding, the Fairfax tax issues and divorce attorneys at Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., can help you improve your bargaining position and ensure that you receive the most benefit from your assets. We serve clients throughout Northern Virginia.

Our lawyers protect our clients' financial interests by drawing on deep knowledge of pensions, real estate, taxation and estate planning. We go beyond dealing with immediate obstacles to anticipate your future needs.

Guidance for Support, Capital Gains and More

When we represent you, we will view the financial decisions of your divorce in a manner that is most tax advantageous for you. Child support payments, for example, are not deductible to the payor and are not considered as taxable income to the recipient. Spousal support is deductible to the payor, and it is considered taxable income to the recipient. By considering tax implications of child support and spousal support, our attorneys can help you structure an agreement that is most financially beneficial for you.

Our law firm will help you consider other potential income tax considerations, including:

  • Specific deductions and credits for which you may be eligible, including the child tax credit and head of household deductions
  • Which spouse may take the income tax deduction for dependent children
  • The potential effect of capital gains taxes from the sale of marital assets

With the potential tax effects in mind, our law firm will help you time payments or transfers of property to minimize the tax liabilities you may incur.

Springfield Divorce Attorneys

To learn more about how tax consequences should affect your child support, spousal support and property division negotiations in a divorce, contact us today to schedule an in-depth initial consultation. Call 703-962-1829 (toll free 866-494-2620) or contact us online.

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